"Color My World" PTU Tutorial 22  

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Supplies Needed:


My Starving Artist Collab Kit HERE

Pinuptoons tube you can purchase from CILM

Picture of choice

Fonts: Sweetheart Script
Plugins: Eye Candy 4000 Gradient Glow, Mura Meister Copies

Let's Begin:

New Raster 700x700

Select the ellipse preset choose the cirlce

Foreground on black

Background null

Line width 10

Draw out a circle

Objects align center

Choose text Sweetheart script 30px

Create as floating

Foreground Null

Background #9e296b

Type out "My daughter colors my world" or phrase of choice

New raster layer

Move below text layer and merge text down

Apply Gradient Glow click on color tab select fat

Apply dropshadow 5, 6, 32, 10.89

Click inside circle with magic wand

Selections Modify Expand by 4

Paste picture as new layer

Selections Invert hit delete on keyboard

Delete the circle layer

*Note if you choose to keep the circle convert it to raster*

Paste bow 5 as new layer and resize 35%

Position bottom center of text & picture *see mine*

Paste sequin 6 as new layer

Mura meister copies with these settings


Send layer to bottom

Resize 85%

Merge visible

Paste tube as new layer and position like mine or as desired

Dropshadow on tube using same settings

Paste paint can of choice as new layer and resize 70%

Position by tubes foot

Paste paint brush of choice and resize 25%

Free rotate 90 right and position on top of stool

Paste paper 7 as new layer and send to bottom

Paste paint splashes as new layer and position them as desired

Apply copyright and license info

Now to animate:

Hide all but one of the paint splash layers

Copy merged

Go to animation shop and press ctrl + v

back to psp and hide that layer and unhide the next

animation shop paste after current frame

Repeat till all layers have been used

In animation shop click on frame 1

Effects, Insert Image transition

Length: 2.2 sec

Fade: 4

Effect; Fade

Click on frame 11 Repeat above steps

Click on frame 20 and repeat

Animation frame properties 25

Save as .gif

Thank you for trying my tut

xoxo, Nee


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"Girls Rock It Better" FTU Tutorial 21  

Sunday, June 28, 2009



Tube by Ismael Rac you can purchase at Artistic Minds Inc

Plugins: Eye Candy 4000 Gradient Glow, Penta.com Color Dot

Font:Sylfaen & Sunset

Mask of choice


New Raster 700x700 transparent

Click on Ellipse shape choose Circle
Line width:15
Color:black or your choice
Draw out a cirlce then Objects align center
Click on the text choose Sylfaen size 47 px and pick a color from tube
Anti-Alias: Smooth
Stroke width: 1
Create as: Floating
Type out the phrase "Girls Rock It Better" or your choice
Add new raster layer and move under the text layer
Merge Text Layer Down
Apply Gradient Glow click on color and select FAT
Apply Dropshadow:5,6,32,10.89

Convert circle layer to raster
Take your magic wand and click inside cirlce
Selections modify expand 6
Pick two colors from your tube
Go to gradients select foreground
Angle 45 Repeat 4
New Raster Layer and flood fill with gradient
Move layer below circle
Effects Textures Fur
Effects Illumination Lights
Darkness:65 Settings On Color White Intestity 0 Direction 200
Horizontal -12 Vertical -55 Scale 10
Smoothness 28 Cone Size 45 Asymmetry 500
Click Ok
Paste your closeup tube as new layer
position on the right
Duplicate image mirror
Merge Down and move below black circle layer
Erase any excess
Duplicate layer
On top layer Adjust Blur Gaussin Blur 5
Change Blend Mode to Soft Light
On bottom Tube layer change blend mode to Luminance L
Effects Penta.com Color Dot
Apply dropshadow same settings as before
Paste full body tube as new layer
Move layer above circle layer
Duplicate and move the duplicate layer under the circle
Erase any excess at the bottom
Apply dropshadow 2 times to bottom layer using the same settings
New Raster layer flood fill with gradient from before send to bottom
Apply mask
Position mask in the top left corner
Duplicate Image Flip
Merge down
Duplicate Image Mirror
Apply copyright and license info
Apply name using Sunset 96px
Apply gradient glow and dropshadow same settings

Thank you for trying my tutorial xoxo Nee

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