Made for me with Template 3  

Saturday, May 16, 2009

This awesome tag was made by Shani her tutorial can be found HERE
I love this and you used my favorite thank you girlie i appreciate it.

shani template 3

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My first Award!!!  


Sher from Young At Heart gave me my first award.
I'm thrilled that you thought of me hun.
Thank you so much.

The rules are - Put the name and link of who gave you this award on your blog.
Then pass it on to 10 blogs which you think deserve it.

My Top 10 are....

Kali at Young at Heart

Alyssa at Alyssa's Tutorials

Shani at Wicked Princess Tutorials

Kristen at Wicked Scrapz

Yvette at Essence of Creativity

Kittz at Kittz Kreationz

Missy at Divine Intentionz

Ali at Designs by Ali

Vix at VixPSP

Jessica at Scraps by Jessica

Thank you Shani also from Wicked Princess Tutorials


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Made for me with tutorial 9  

Thank you Nita. I love it.


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"Your Number's Up" Tutorial 9 PTU  

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Supplies Needed:


Twilight Template 4 by Yvette

Twilight kit by Missy you can purchase at Scraps with Attitude

Gorjuss art by Suzanne Wolcott you can purchase and obtain a license HERE

2 pictures of choice

Font: A&S Rister

Plugins: Eye Candy 4000 Gradient Glow

Let's Begin:

Open template, delete copyright, white layer, and wordart(unless you intend to use)
Resize 155% *Make sure all layers is checked off*

Select the backgrounds layer, Selections, Select All, Float, Defloat
Paste Paper 9 as new layer
Selections, Invert Delete

Take your magic wand click inside frame, selections, modify, expand by 3
Paste your pic as new layer, free rotate right 15, Invert, delete, change blend mode to Screen, Selections None
Repeat for other side, this time rotate left

Select frames layer, Selections, Select All, Float, Defloat
Paste Paper 8 as new layer, Selections, Invert, Delete
Selections None
Apply gradient glow
Color Select Fat
Rename layer, delete orginal

Rectangle 1, Selections, Select All , Float, Defloat
Paste Paper 17, Resize 125%, Selections. Invert, Delete
Selections None
Apply Gradient Glow, Change first number to 3, hit ok
Apply Dropshadow, 5,5,35,5.00

Repeat for Rectangle 2 with Paper 18, Dropshadow 2,2,45,2.00

Repeat for heart with Paper 13

Paste Twilight Words 1 as new layer, Resize by 65%, Position like mine

Paste your tube as new layer, beneath wordart and heart layers
Dropshadow, 7, 7, 35, 6.00

Paste tall candle as new layer, Resize 35%, Position to the bottom right of frame, Duplicate layer, Image, Mirror, Merge Down
Dropshadow, 2,2,35,5.00

Paste Double Bow 2 as new layer, Resize 15%, Position on candle, Duplicate, Image mirror

Paste moon as new layer, Resize 35%, Send to bottom, Postition to the left as mine is

Paste Elegent Bow 2 As new layer Resize 35%, Position as mine, Duplicate, Image, Mirror, Merge Down, Dropshadow

Paste Black Rose as new layer, Resize 35%, position under bow, duplicate image mirror

Paste twilight Glitter hearts as new layer Resize 55%, Send to bottom, Position bottom left, duplicate image mirror

Apply license and copyright info

Apply your name
Background: aaa9a8
Stroke width 2
Free rotate left 15 and position as mine.

Resize as desired. Save as .png
Thank you for trying my tutorial XoXo, Nee

For Yvette
Thank you for the beautiful templates


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Made for me with Tutorial 8  

I love this Nita. Thank you!! He gives me


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Made for me with Template 2  

Made by Nita with my Template 2. This is awesome hun. I love my rockin' tag. xoxo!!


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"You Are My Life Now" Tutorial 8 PTU  

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Supplies Needed:

PSPX2(any version should work)

Twilight Scrapkit Created by Jill you can purchase at Scraps With Attitude

2 pictures of choice

Plugins: Eye Candy 4000 Gradient Glow

Fonts: Be Safe & a&s Graceland

Lets Begin:

Open new raster 700x700

Paste book as new layer. Duplicate twice.
On bottom layer free rotate left 18
On top layer free rotate right 18

Paste frame 8 as new layer, resize 65%, position to the top left, duplicate, mirror.flip

Take your magic wand select inside first frame, selections, modify expand 3

Paste your picture as new layer align in circle, selections, invert, delete on keyboard

Selections, None
Apply Dropshadow 5,5,60,3.00

Repeat for other frame

Paste mist as a new layer send to bottom, Apply dropshadow same settings

Paste sparkles as new layer, position top right above mist layer
Duplicate image mirror
Merge Down
Duplicate image flip
Merge down
Dropshadow, 2,2,45,5.00

Paste flower 3 as new layer, position under frames and pictures as mine is
duplicate, flip and position between frames like mine

Paste bow 12 as new layer, resize 55%
position top of frames in the middle, dropshadow keep settings

Paste key as new layer, flip, image free rotate left 90

Paste bow 4 as new layer, resize 45%
Position on key

Paste feathers as new layer resize 45%, position as desired

New vector layer, arrange at top, type out You are my
Font: Be Safe 72px
Foreground: c8bc9f
Stroke width 2
Convert to raster
Apply gradient glow settings: 3,25,100----Color select fat
Apply dropshadow 4,4,403.50
Position on top of frame left side
Repeat for Life now!

Type your name:A&S Graceland font, 72px
Stroke width 2
free rotate left 25
Convert to raster apply gradient glow keep settings
Dropshadow 5,5,50,5.00
Merge visible, resize if desired. Save as .png

Thank you for trying my tut. I had fun with this kit it has endless
XoXo, Nee

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Nita loves  

Monday, May 11, 2009

Thank you girl for doing all my tutorials. It means alot. You so Rock!!! lol I love them both.

made by nita

made by nita

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Made with my Template 1  

Sunday, May 10, 2009

This beautiful tag was made by Shani at Wicked Princess Tutorials using my Template 1. Her link is on the side. Please check out her page. This is beautiful and I love it. Thank you girlie :)


Made by Nita on 5/11/09
I love it hun the colors are awesome. This is beautiful thank you!!

made by nita with my template1

This one was made by Alyssa you can find her tutorial HERE
Thank you hun. I love it.

made by alyssa

Made by Echo. Thank you so much


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