"Stairway to Heaven" Tutorial 1 FTU  

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Supplies Needed:

PSP X2 (any version will work)

Tube of choice

I am using the beautiful artwork of Steve Baier which you can purchase at upyourart

Tag Template # 69 from Rachel her blog is HERE

Mask 220 from Weescotlass (i have supplied).

Font of choice.

I used A&S Rister & Century Gothic

Plugin used Eye Candy 4000-Gradient Glow

Supplies HERE

Lets Get Started:

Open your supplies minimize all but the tag template.

On the tag template delete the copyright and the pink stars and the black stars layers

Resize canvas to 800x800

With your magic wand click on the black layers and the pink layer make sure you have running
ants on everything top and bottom.

Selections Modify Expand by 2

Take the stairway picture resize 650x650

Copy, back to the template Paste as new layer

Position how you like it

Selections, Invert, Delete.

Selections None

Rename layer as stairway

Delete black and pink layers

Duplicate Stairway layer

On duplicated layer Adjust, Blur, Gaussian Blur setting 3

Change blend mode to Soft light

Back to the Stairway picture:

Layers, new mask layer, from image,

source luminace should be checked,

select mask and hit ok

delete mask layer, merge group,

copy and paste as new layer on template

Layer send to bottom and position as liked.

Select the layer called GreyStrip,

Selections, Select All, Float, Defloat,

New raster layer, flood fill with #9fb6d1,

Selections None, Effects, Plugins, Eye Candy 4000

Gradient Glow


Glow width: 3.00

Soft Corners: 25

Overall Opacity: 100

Draw Only Outside Selection is checked off

Click on Color Select Fat, Hit ok

Rename layer, Delete GreyStrip

Add Dropshadow: 1,1,30,3.00

Open your tube and resize place on the left

Duplicate, Image, Mirror, Merge Down when happy with placement.
Dropshadow 2,2,30,3.00

New vector layer

Using Century Gothic Font 16 px I typed out the poem which can be found HERE

Or poem of choice. Position in middle, when happy convert to raster

duplicate, on duplicated layer Adjust, Blur, Gaussian Blur 3, blend mode Soft light,

Effects, Gradiant Glow same settings.

Take the dove and copy, paste as new layer, position like mine or as you like.

Same with the bow.

Add your name, I used A&S Rister color#9fb6d1, Stroke width 2,

Place where you like or as mine, Convert to raster, Add Gradient Glow same settings.

Drop Shadow 1,1,30,3.00

Add proper copyright and license info

Merge visible
Resize or crop if desired

Thank you for trying my very first tutorial. xoxo, Nee

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