"Still Waiting" Tutorial 14 PTU  

Saturday, May 30, 2009


Supplies Needed:


Scrapkit called "Pretty Pretty Princess" by Alyssa

I am using Pinuptoons which you can purchase from CILM

Fonts: Times New Roman, TheNautiGal

Plugins: Eye Candy 4000 Gradient Glow, Xero:Grayscaler

Mask of choice

Lets Begin:

Open supplies minimize

New Raster 600x600

Select your ellipse tool
Select Circle
background set on null
Width: 10
Line style:solid
Draw out a pretty decent size circle
Objects, align center
Select your text I am using Times New Roman
Click the white arrows by the color to swap the background and foreground
Change create as to Floating
Type the phrase
"Still waiting on my prince charming"
or phrase of choice
New raster layer
Move under floating selection
Selections, Select None
Apply Gradient Glow Settings

Convert the circle to a raster layer

Take your magic wand click inside
Selections, Modify, Expand 4

Paste paper 5 as new layer
Selections, Invert, Delete

Do Not Deselect.
Move paper 5 under circle layer

Paste castle as new layer
Resize 75%
Hit delete on keyboard to remove any extras
Dropshadow keep settings

Paste tube as new layer
Resize 85%
Hit delete on keyboard
Selections, Select None

Duplicate tube layer
On original layer apply xero grayscaler
Duplicate layer
Gaussin Blur: 3
Change blend mode to Soft Light

Paste paper 7 as new layer
Send to bottom
Apply Mask

Paste bow2 as new layer
Resize 35%
position as mine
Duplicate, Image, Mirror

Paste carriage as new layer
Resize 25%
Position as mine and dropshadow
Keep settings

Repeat for shoe

Paste doodle 2 as new layer
Resize 65%
Move above mask layer and positon top left (see mine)
Duplicate Image Mirror
Merge Down
Duplicate Image Flip

Paste Butterfly 4 as new layer
Resize 25%
Free Rotate Left 15
Position top right as mine
Duplicate and positon bottom left as mine

Paste heart frame 2 as new layer
Resize 10%
Free rotate left 15
position as mine top right

Open bead string with crown, crop it so all you have is the crown, erase any extras
Paste as new layer
Free Rotate left 75
position as mine. Dropshadow

Apply copyright and license info

Type your name 72px
Color of choice to match
Convert to raster
Gradient Glow
Keep settings for both
Free rotate left 15 and position as mine or as desired.

Resize tag if desired and save as .png for transparent background.

Thank you for trying my tutorial

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