"New Moon" Tutorial 16 FTU  

Sunday, May 31, 2009


Supplies Needed:


Wickedly Dark kit by Shani

Tube used Pinuptoons you can purchase at CILM

Two twilight pictures of choice

Font: TheNautiGal, Times New Roman

Plugins: Eye Candy 4000 Gradient Glow

Mask of choice

Lets Begin:

New Raster 700x700

Paste frame 3 as new layer
Free Rotate Right 90
Click inside with your magic wand
Selections, Modify, Expand 6
Paste the picture your going to use for a background as new layer
Selections Invert Delete
Paste tube or if you have to make one just erase the background of second picture
Paste as new layer
Hit Delete to remove any excess if needed

Paste tube as new layer
Position bottom left

Select your text
Type the word Forbidden with TheNautiGal size 80px
Press spacebar then change font to Times New Roman 26px
Type to remember
Convert to raster
Apply Gradient Glow

Repeat for Terrified to forget

Position as mine

Paste rose 2 as new layer
Position top right of frame
Duplicate, Image, Mirror

Paste heart chain 1 as new layer
Position top right corner of frame
Dropshadow keep settings

Paste bow 3 as new layer
Position to bottom of frame
Send below tube and words

Paste paper 8 as new layer
Send to bottom
Apply Mask

Select font. I used thenautigal
Free rotate left 15
Convert to raster
Gradient Glow same settings

Put your license number and copyright info

Save as a .png for transparent or you can add new raster send to bottom flood fill white then save

Thank you for trying my tutorial
XoXo, Nee

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