"Beach Bliss" Tutorial 19 PTU  

Saturday, June 6, 2009


Supplies Needed:


"Beach Bliss" Kit by Michelle you can purchase at Paradise 4 Scrappers

Plugins: Loka software 3d shadow: HERE (free filter)
Visman's VM Natural Acid Rain: HERE (free filter)
Eye Candy 4000 Gradient Glow

Tube of choice: I am using the artwork of Michael Landefield you can purchase at CILM

Mask of choice

Font: Tiamaria Script

Lets begin:

Remember to save often

Open supplies and minimize

New raster 700x700 transparent

Select your rectangle shape
Background null
Foreground black (000000)
Straight line selected and line width 10
Draw a rectangle on the left side
convert to raster and Duplicate Image mirror
Merge down
Take your magic wand and click inside both
Selections modify expand by 5
Paste Paper 8 as new layer
Selections Invert hit delete on keyboard
Move below frames
Now duplicate the pink paper layer twice. You should have a total of 3

On the bottom layer:
Apply VM Natural Rain on my settings

Amount: 9
Inner brightness: 255
Outer: 0
Refraction: 47
Random Seed 133

On the next layer up change Random Seed to 150

Next layer up change Random Seed to 175

Paste tube as new layer position on the left add a dropshadow
Duplicate Image Mirror

Paste 5 (net) as new layer send to bottom
Position top in between both rectangles
Duplicate image flip

Paste Paper 11 as new layer
Send to bottom
New Mask Layer from Image
Select your mask
Delete mask layer from the side
Merge group
Position towards the top right,br>Duplicate Image Mirror Flip

Paste your tube as new layer
Position as mine
Effects Plugins Loka 3d shadow
Apply factory settings

Paste castle as new layer and position bottom right
Resize 35%

Paste flower 14 as new layer
Resize 15%
Duplicate image mirror
Duplicate again and move flower to position on the other corner of frame

Paste 11 water as new layer
Resize 35%
Position on bottom left of frame and dropshadow

Paste pink beach ball as new layer
Resize 35%
Position as mine and dropshadow

Layers new raster layer
flood fill white send to bottom

Apply copyright and license info

Type your name
Free Rotate Left 15
Convert to Raster
Gradient glow:
Click color tab
Select Fat
Position as mine and dropshadow

If your not going to animate then save as a .png

On to animation:
Hide two of the layers we applied acid rain to earlier

Edit, Copy Special, Copy Merged
Paste as new animation in animation shop
Back to PSP
Hide layer and unhide another
Copy Merged
Paste after current frame in animation shop
Repeat for next layer

In animation shop Edit Select all
Animation Frame Properties 35
View your animation
Save as .gif

Thank you for trying my tutorial
XoXo, Nee

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