"You say Witch like it's a bad Thing" FTU  

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Supplies Needed:
PSP X2 (any version should work)

FTU Halloween Night kit by PINK PRINCESS SCRAPS

One picture

Mask of choice

Lets Begin:

Minimize your supplies

New raster 600x600 transparent

Paste your photo as new layer resize as desired
Free rotate right 15

Paste element 52 as new layer
Position as mine

Paste element 50 as new layer
Resize 75% smartsize
Free rotate left 90
position as mine

Paste element 57 as new layer
Move below picture layer position bottom right
duplicate image mirror then image flip
Reposition if needed

Paste paper 5 as new layer
send to bottom
layers new mask layer
select your mask
source luminance checked
click ok

Delete mask from layer pallete
Yes if asked to merge
Merge group in pallete

Move mask and position bottom left
Duplicate image mirror
Merge down
Duplicate image flip
you may need to repositon

Font of choice type out You say
convert to raster apply dropshadow

Then type out Witch convert to raster apply dropshadow
Free rotate left 15

Repeat for like its a bad Thing

save as .png

thank you for trying my tutorial


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27 comments: to “ "You say Witch like it's a bad Thing" FTU

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